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Hey, admins, fix your site security. Some douchebag keeps blanking the front page of the site and scribbling all over it. You keep fixing it but it keeps happening again a few hours later. You need to find out how he's getting in and block it, not just keep undoing the damage.
It isn't a security issue, it is a formatting issue combined with a bug in the apache web server. Those were web server error messages. It happened twice because I forgot to restart the server after I fixed it.
a) The page was blanked and replaced by nonsense. That isn't a formatting issue, it's a someone deleted a lot of text issue.

b) It happened at least three times.

c) I didn't see any web server error messages (404 Not Found, 500 Internal Error, or similar).

Right, You see the current administration with an attitude towards IP that resonates of fear and uncertainty. To make statements that insinuate that America is sooo over making tangibles and that our economy is going to be based almost entirely on IP as we know it today... well if that doesn't make you want to move to Canada or Germany I don't know what does. If we ever land troops on foreign soil to enforce IP, that will mark the beginning of the end (if your gonna post links to the dozen or so sovereign nations that America has overthrown to protect US business interests... well go for it, it's always a good read :) ).

Most aggression is founded in fear, not bravery.

Actually it was a programming error. Think it is fixed now though.
A programming error would not, by itself, erase nearly the entire content of this website unless it were a major, catastrophic error in the operating system's file handling stuff. I very much doubt such a thing exists even in Windows, and you probably use Unix, which tends to be industrial strength enough not to trash its own filing systems.

I could see some types of error, such as a permissions error, making large swathes of the site come up as 404 errors or similar. But that isn't what happened; instead, the text of blog posts and much else was overwritten with different text. This is a kind of error that modern operating systems don't tend to make. That the overwritten files remained valid HTML makes it even more unlikely that what overwrote them was the result of random error.

A programming error also would not be fixed in the morning on 1/22/2010 and then mysteriously resurrect itself by the evening of the same day.

It may seem like you should pretend it wasn't a security breach, to save face and/or make the site not seem vulnerable, but as last night's attack proves, once the bad guys know your site is vulnerable they will simply keep attacking it until you admit the truth and actually secure it.

Patch whatever hole they're getting in through, or you can bet it'll happen yet again, probably later today.

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